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A note to Students in Napa and Solano Counties

Welcome students! NSPA welcomes graduate students to join as student members. We support students' professional development through networking, mentoring, and a variety of educational opportunities. Membership is only $20 per year and includes the additional benefits of free or discounted admission to all NSPA events. To join, simply go to our MEMBERSHIP page off of our home page and complete an application and make arrangements for payment.

Individuals enrolled in undergraduate psychology or related fields may not join as student members, but we are happy to add you to our interest mailing list so that you may receive information on upcoming events. We also enjoy having undergraduate students join in at events as volunteers, where we usually allow for free attendance in exchange for helping with varied event duties. If this is of interest to you, please write to us and express your interest at

Mentoring and Networking
Our NSPA members enjoy meeting and working with students. We do our best to help facilitate networking with professional psychologists who are currently working in the field based on common interests and orientation. Students may receive valuable advice about career development from our members with knowledge and expertise to share.

NSPA does not yet have a local chapter of CPA (California Psychological Association), which is the state chapter of the national organization APA (American Psychological Association). Both of these organizations have student branches, CPAGS and APAGS. Being connected to these organizations is essential as a practicing psychologist as they advocate for psychologists rights and maintain the quality and integrity of our field. Being connected as a student allows you to stay informed of the latest developments in our field, as well as find resources for research, leadership, and networking. To learn more about these organizations, and how to become a member, visit the CPAGS and APAGS websites. Graduate students and undergraduates interested in psychology also may like to learn about PsiChi (an international honor society in psychology) and PsiBeta (which is for junior and community college students).

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